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We offer Optimal Quality and Efficiency Photovoltaic solution configurations which include:

Grid-Tied Solar Systems

Designed to decrease the consumptiondemand on the grid supply. Systems configured from 30kW peak upward. No energy storage. Energy produced is self-consumed immediately.

Solar-Diesel Hybrid Systems

Designed to minimise operational cost of a diesel generator backup system. During the day, most of the backup power requirement is produced by the solar array, where a diesel generator would normally have produced the power. This means that the diesel generator only runs at night time in a backup situation.

Containerised Storage Systems

Configured from 50kVA upwards. Designed to minimize operational running costs/ dependency on the grid by means of storing excess energy. Configured to assist with load-shaving and decreasing peak demand on the grid.

Full Hybrid Solar Systems

A combination of 2, or all of the above.

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