Full turn-key alternative power solutions

New Way Renewables provides greener energy solutions and full turn-key solutions to your alternative power needs/requirements.

The Future Is Green

New Way Renewables focuses on providing greener energy solutions and full turn-key solutions to your alternative power needs. Adding some diversified and complimentary energy products that ensure an overall more balanced energy solution for our clients. Implementing energy management systems for residential and larger portfolios and sites.

Offering real, significant long-term cost and energy reductions. New Way Renewables offers grid-tied, off-grid energy and solar water heating energy systems. Our services and products include solar panels, inverters, batteries, installations and assessments. We provide an easy, affordable energy option for South Africa’s visionary businesses.

Whether you’re one of the world’s biggest malls or looking for a greener living solution, we’ll supply your business or home with renewable power. We work with amazing brands like Canadian Solar, JA Solar, Victron Energy, Pylontech, BlueNova and more, ensuring you a more sustainable energy solution.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Sophisticated Inverter Charger Solution

A back-up system is the perfect noise-free alternative when a Generator solution is not an option, for example in complexes or shared office spaces. It uses a sophisticated inverter charger, and a battery bank for energy storage.

Backup Power Solution

When Eskom fails, the inverter charger seamlessly takes over and supplies your equipment with power from the battery bank. This solution is modular, solar panels can be added in future and remote monitoring is optional. A back-up system is ideal for work from home stations, offices or even commercial operations.

Modules used for this solution: 

  • Inverters
  • Battery Banks

Utilising Solar to take you “Off-Grid”

A hybrid solar system is the first step toward becoming less dependent on Eskom. It is suitable for residential, commercial or industrial applications.

This system uses solar panels which generate electricity, lithium battery storage and inverter charger with intelligent controls to utilize as much solar power as possible when the sun shines, yet have battery power available in the event of a power outage. This system is completely modular and can be built into a complete off-grid system over time. Generator integration is also possible, to add a second layer of power redundancy.

Modules used for this solution: 

  • Solar Panels
  • Inverters
  • Battery Banks